KodeKLIX™ - Combining Electronics, Coding and FUN!

Want to learn basic electronics and real programming in as little as One Hour?

KodeKLIX™ provides a simplified way of teaching electronic systems and programming fundamentals by breaking the process into smaller tasks, so that concepts are easier to learn and master.

KodeKLIX™ consists of a software tool for structuring the programming task, and a series of hardware platforms aimed at different user levels; from simple "Snap-circuit" compatible systems through to stand-alone handheld platforms that can be used for gaming geeks.

SnapCPU™: an affordable microprocessor upgrade for your Snap, Brainbox and other popular electronics learning systems...

Breathe new life into your snap-circuit style system with one of our SnapCPU™ upgrades; or if you are starting out you can do so with one of our Starter Kits which includes the SnapCPU™ and a selection of parts. With built-in code, the SnapCPU™ can be used straight out of the box.

Those ready to go the next step can BLOCKLY from www.picaxe.com easily program their own applets with easy use visual tools like Blockly (from PICAXE) or for more complex projects in easy-to-use BASIC through KodeKLIX™.

  • range of SnapCPU™ variants to suit skill
  • built-in utility has project code for those not ready yet to write their own
  • supports input and outputs from simple LEDs and buttons, through to playing tunes

PUP™ handheld LCD consoles: games, tools, projects; all in a convenient pocket size package!

The PUP™ allows budding developers to gain an understanding of the building blocks used in electronics and game coding using an easy-to-use interface that allows users to develop simple sounds, graphics and gameplay by controlling chips, screens and buttons.



Coding is most easily done KodeKLIX for PUP in easy-to-use BASIC through the KodeKLIX™ integrated development environment (IDE).

The KodeKLIX™ system provides:

  •  Free Software Downloads - KodeKLIX v1.4 for PUP is available for downloading. Use KodeKLIX™ for both regular PICAXE or PUP specific projects.
  •  Free Lesson Plan - Comprehensive lesson plan to get you coding in less than an one hour.
  •  Ready-to-Run applets - included. Don't forget to send us the ones you have created!
  •  Special pricing and a free Evaluation Sample for Registered Schools - Send us an email.
  •  Order one of our SnapCPU or PUP Handheld gadgets to immediately get started, or design your own PICAXE based platform add-ons! We ship items all around the world.

KodeKLIX™ is great for:

  • Students and Geeks alike
  • Anyone aged 8 - 108 years
  • Anyone interested in making a start in electronics or game programming
  • Teachers keen to foster a passion for electronics or game programming in their students
  • Geeks and Hobbiests looking to expand their capabilities

Order your SnapCPU or PUP gadget now to get started!

Sample kit including the hardware and software available for eligible schools to trial. Contact KodeKLIX with your course details to request one. Discounts available for classroom sets.

About the KodeKLIX™ Creator:

KodeKLIX™ is the latest offering by Nick Coplin. Nick is well known throughout the Commodore 64 community for the 64HDD and DriveGhost software plus a range of related hardware. With two young children, Nick has a passion to see the younger generation not only play with computers, but to understand how they work and how to control them. KodeKlix along with the original PUP handheld console was launched in 2011.