KodeKLIX™ Integrated Development App

The KodeKLIX™ Integrated Development App for Windows™leads more aspiring coders tab-by-tab and step-by-step allowing you to build an applet from the ground up in conventional BASIC coding langauge. Coders don't really need to know all the code or syntax for each step, they just need to decide what they want to do and select a button to give them some example code to modify.

By organising your code into snippets, integrating graphics and sound functions, you can simplify your coding not just for PUP™, but any other PICAXE based project. When you are ready to run your code, just download it to your SnapCPU™, PUP™ gadget or simple PICAXE kit to test it out.

Key KodeKLIX™ features:

  • supports standard PICAXE BASIC and runtime compilers
  • expanded macro language to simplify common applet functions
  • library of ready to use snippet routines
  • built-in routines and editors to simplify coding for inputs, graphics and sound
  • Wizard creator/editor for simplify things for newbies
  • Find out more here

Free! KodeKLIX App and Driver Downloads

KodeKLIX is only available for the Microsoft Windows platform. A PC installed with Windows XP or better is required. The Microsoft .net framework and DirectX drivers will need to be installed. A sound card is optional for playback of tunes and sound effects from the KodeKLIX SFX Designer and Manager.

A USB or serial port is required for connection and downloading to the PUP hardware.

  • KodeKLIX v1.5 for SnapCPU or PUP available for download by completing the contact form. Latest version works with WindowsXP/7/8/10.
    • Windows XP or higher
      Requires DirectX9 (included) and .NET Framework 2.0 (if not already installed)
      USB or serial port (for downloading the compiled PICAXE code)
      Sound-card (optional for sounds/FX playback)
  • Microsoft .NET framework
    • Windows XP only, and only if not already installed on your PC (23Mb)
  • KodeKLIX USB Cable Driver (available with cable purchase).
    • Windows XP and Windows7, untested with Windows-Vista
      for Windows7 64bit and Windows8 and higher, insert USB and wait for auto update
  • AXE027 USB cable driver from PICAXE

Free! Step-by-Step Lesson Plan

The lessons are written in easy to read presentation format (PDF reader required). Information is continually improved and added to. Last release version was 24/September/2016.

SnapCPU Gadget:

PUP Console Gadget:

Free! Guide to using SnapCPU with Scratch 2.0

Brief guide to Using the SCRATCH system for coding. Last release version was 18/October/2016.

Full techical details for the capabilities of your PICAXE Chip or PICAXE BASIC language can be found on the PICAXE website .