The KodeKLIX™ Tour...

KodeKLIX™ is a great, easy-to-use design and coding tool that simplifies the creation of applets for any PICAXE project; making it a great an alternative to the PICAXE ProgramEditor. It makes coding for the SnapCPU™ and PUP™ a breeze!

KodeKLIX™ simplifies the building of game or other applets into a series of selectable “clicks”. Code for gaming functions, sounds and graphics can be added and compiled in a real programming language and compiled to make a game. Other applets can still use the input and screen functions to reduce the effort and time needed to get first results.

KodeKLIX™ leads more aspiring coders tab-by-tab and step-by-step allowing you to build an applet from the ground up. Coders don't really need to know all the code or syntax for each step, they just need to decide what they want to do and select a button to give them some example code to modify.

By organising your code into snippets, integrating graphics and sound functions, you can simplify your coding not just for PUP™, but any other PICAXE based project. When you are ready to run your code, just download it to your SnapCPU™, PUP™ gadget or simple PICAXE kit to test it out.

Main Manager

File tab: Main tab for file management, access to examples and tutorials...

  • click-and-load operations
  • icon based recent file list
  • tab based interface for step-by-step creation
  • visual and interactive console representation
GFX Editor and Manager

Grfx tab: Characters for the game can be easily designed inside the Sprite Editor. Series of pixelised characters can be drawn allowing for basic animation. For example a dog can jump, man run or frowny face smile.

  • 5x7 and 5x8 CGRAM font support for HD44780 LCDs
  • 6x8 font / tile support for Nokia 5110 GLCD displays
  • Extensive pixel design toolkit
  • Animation sequencer
Map Editor and Manager

PlayerMap panel: Your characters interact on a map or background which is defined using the map manager with both custom and standard tiles.

  • Tile based creation of player or background maps
  • Extensive tools for faster design creation
  • Supported by comprehensive library of interaction routines
  • Maps/tables easily loaded into EEPROM or TABLE space
SFX Editor and Manager

SFX tab: Sounds and music can be developed to bring a game to life using the SFX (Sound Effects) editor.

  • Tune, Sound and PWM support
  • Sound Effects simulator
  • Keyboard tune synthesiser
  • Tune-to-PWM conversion
Wizard interface

Wizard tab: Absolute beginners can take advantaged of pre-prepared templates to click-and publish modified games. More advanced users can take advantage of the new Wizard interface to make game updates and creation of similarly themed apps a breeze to create.

  • Enables younger users to create and publish PICAXE applets without the need to code a single line
  • Advanced users can create their own template files to share
  • Use placeholders in your code linked to the visual Wizard
  • Define parameters such as graphics, sounds, scoring and layout
Code Editor and Manager

Coding tab: Main editor for coding...

  • Predefined programming structure includes definition, setup, main loop, subroutine areas
  • Individual coding tasks are grouped into bocks, each block can be enabled / disabled
  • Interactive console interface for direct access to code locations for buttons & features
  • Use pre-existing or completely customised code
  • Images and sounds can be easily integrated
  • Syntax highlighting and colour coding
Build and Download Manager

Build and Download tab: User interface for building your applet and downloading to PUP...

  • Select chip type
  • Comms port details
  • Syntax check and resolve bugs...
  • Download applets to your PUP%trade; for testing!