Control your first hardware project in just 5-clicks...

KodeKLIX™ users have a choice of coding environments; each having its benefits and special features.

The two most recommended solutions are BLOCKLY and KodeKLIX™ own integrated development environment which provides a full suite of supporting tools including sound and graphics.

BLOCKLY from PICAXE: beginners will find it easier to start coding their SnapCPU™ by using a visual coding tool such as this. The block-like programming is based on Scratch developed by MIT, and lets you develop skills with smaller projects.

KodeKLIX™ software: Those ready to go the next step to code more complex projects can migrate to easy-to-use BASIC through KodeKLIX™ integrated development environment which supports both the SnapCPU™ and PUP™.

Coding with SCRATCH 2.0: whilst it is possible to do this, the process of writing and downloading the code is presently clunky since it does not natively support PICAXE. How to Guide is here. The SCRATCH method is not native to PICAXE, and so only primitive commands and statements are supported.